• QHow to deal with problem?
    Listensports full range through the city of quality supervision, inspection technology institute of technology, products appear problem, resolved through the following channels:

    I.Consulting the Listensports's local office

    (I) the Listensports continuously strengthen and improve the service network and provide localized service to the greatest extent, will adhere to the high-quality service to promote to customer side.
    (II) at present, the Listensports's office staff 100% with strict training and training in Shanghai, has a good ability of on-site technical support.70% of the provincial distributors with technical support engineer.
    II. Listensports free after-sales calls: 4006-168-606
    We will be the first indirect phone at the moment, let you feel more intimate service!
    We will be patient answer a question, solve problems for our customers!
    We will be the first time security maintenance;

    At the same time we also set up special line, aftersale must accept the oversight of the customer.Also set up a holiday on duty lines, convenient customer emergency.

    III. The login Listensports official website to better serve customers, we provide you with a system of sports academic websites, convenient you the first time through the website to find related products solutions.

    (I) to strengthen the product user manual and video training tutorial.

    (II) full, to strengthen the construction of website technology section in a typical application section aims to provide customers with more practical system solutions, maximum limit satisfy calmly deal with customers in the industry of large and medium-sized sports project bidding and bid system.Site in accordance with the "product center", "solution", "service and support" three sections, to provide customers more letter and the Listensports knowledge and use of the training."Product center" section to introduce clients to Listensportsproduct parameters and the solution."Solution" to provide customers the principle of competition system and product link topology, facilitating the clients to understand sports spirit faith.
    (III) the construction of professional servers, MB broadband, smooth to download.
  • QWhat events do we support?
    Listensports timing scoring system, is aimed at all kinds of sports venues and the field of professional event timing scoring display system, set the game information input management, timing point, after the game, game information display in real time as well as all kinds of media file playback functions in one.Can support all kinds of ball games, track and field competition, gymnastics, water, ice and so on up to more than 40 kinds of games.Main use monochrome, double color and full color LED display the score, the information such as time, pause times, at the same time with quite strong precision of the control system.
  • QWhether the product can be used separately?
    Listensports system includes a timing game scoring system, live score system, basketball 24 seconds timing system, etc., through multiple hardware and software system of collaboration, able to finish all kinds of information display, timing, and 24 seconds timer, multimedia information display, live, the score of superposition of multiple functions.Listensports does not sell a single product, the system through the seamless link of hardware and software, the equipment in the event of a complete set of efficient and stable running.Listensports of software completely suit the characteristics of the product, combine with the idea of humanized design to save the operator time, which is also Listensports always believe sports service tenet.
  • QHow to ensure Listen Sports product quality?
    We establish and perfect the Listensports product detection methods, the production control system and quality feedback system.From product design to mass production, more and more pay attention to the systematic, standardization, refinement, specialization, product quality and performance is significantly increased.Listensports full range by the Shanghai quality supervision and inspection institute of technology.
    From product manufacturing to ensure quality
    I.at any time insist quality floor, do selects high quality components and connectors, to ensure product quality.
    II.comprehensive use work, guarantee the degree of mechanization, ensure the quality of welding process, to ensure product clean and beautiful;
    III.careful design test fixtures, each product strict electrical performance test, test and short circuit welding, detect invalidation, eliminate the potential quality before the products leave the factory;
    IV.with the production testing and online maintenance, to ensure that the manufacturing process of major quality problems found in time and eliminate;
    From the user feedback to improve quality
    To use the user in the field of various feedback attaches great importance to the problem.Technical support department to the user in a particular application under the failure phenomenon of repetition and record, the first time to research and development department feedback, quickly find out the reason and terminate the BUG.
    To improve the quality from the product repair
    Monthly statistics, fault repair fault phenomena and fault components classification statistics, analysis the cause of the problem, improve the hardware circuit design, software redundancy design and component selection.
  • QWhat kind of service we provide?

    1. The perfect service network, will be high-quality service to customer side

    Make full use of network advantages, to provide more close quick response and thoughtful service.

    Office network advantages and distributors network advantages is lifted up the state science and technology compared with rivals have no copy of advantage.

    2. Provide professional technical services

    (1) free extra-large project technical consultation

    (2) to assist clients to develop and grasp the extra-large project solution

    (3) actively support and cooperate with the customers of the secondary development

    (4) according to the need for on-site technical support

    (5) to provide product customization service

    3. To provide free technical training

    Sports spirit letter headquarters to distributors at home and abroad, the VIP customer and industry customers to provide free technical training all the year round.

    Warmly welcome all friends to visit our company to visit, study and guidance!