After-Sales Service


After-sales service work process and management system

After-sales service management purpose

Order to regulate the after-sales service, to meet the needs of users, ensure that users in the use of the products of our company, can play the biggest benefit, improve the users' satisfaction and trust of products, improve product market share,
Formulate after-sales service management system and workflow

After-sales service standards and requirements

I.After-sales service personnel to establish customer satisfaction is the criterion for inspection service work , try our best to service for the user, to avoid a quarrel with the user
II.Active in service, enthusiasm, patience to all users, teach the maintenance of common sense is a user problem cannot solve, should explain, and report timely after-sales service headquarters to help solve
III.Service personnel should behave well, be polite, active service, and users to establish a good relationship
IV.Can receive service information, telephone or QQ to solve fault, try to reply on the phone and QQ, need on-site service, the customer reach the site within the stipulated time, realize the commitment to customers
V.Never allow service staff to users for financial or disguised put forward unreasonable demands
VI.Completion of tasks, the service personnel must carefully fill in the "service report", must allow the user to fill in the after-sales service satisfaction survey
VIIMajor quality problem, feedback to the relevant departments

Attendance and charge standard

I.Shanghai urban service fee as follows:300 yuan/day
II.On the outer ring of shanghai service fee as follows:500yuan/day
III.Outside the province service fee as follows:500yuan/day
I.attendance time
(I)Shanghai downtown attendance time:9:00-17:00
(II)On the outer ring attendance time:9:00-17:00
(III)outside the province attendance time:9:00-17:00
II.During the period of attendance, sports spirit letter the technical personnel of the service of transportation, accommodation shall be borne by the customer in full.
III.Customer service technical support attendance service will be subject to control system debugging, in the process of commissioning, such as the other problems, please coordinate installation party with the operation, solve problems together.

After sales customer service telephone:4006-168-606
Listensports technical support haoqiang 18916666010